Second Century Stewardship: Science for America’s National Parks Research Fellowship—Request for Proposals

The partners of the Second Century Stewardship: Science for America’s National Parks initiative announce the availability of Research Fellowships to support research in Acadia National Park. Second Century Stewardship—a collaboration among Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park, the National Park Service (NPS), the David Evans Shaw Family Foundation, and the National Park Foundation—seeks to advance conservation and ecosystem science and provide information to support stewardship of park resources. The selected Research Fellows will contribute to strengthening and broadening public understanding of the importance of parks for science and science for parks and society.

The Research Fellows will conduct research to help realize the vision of national parks as living laboratories, tellers of science narratives, and exemplars of using science to manage natural and cultural resources and enrich visitor, local community, and employee experiences.

The research will help the NPS and other organizations adapt and respond to continuous change and focus on long-term ecological and cultural integrity and viability in a dynamic and challenging future.


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